One Incredibly Happy Girl!

February 19, 2015

Warning: This is not a post directly related to children’s health. If you are looking for that, make sure you didn’t miss the post I did yesterday on fevers. It was a good one. However, this is a post about a girl deeply in love with a man, the type of man I think you should encourage your daughter to marry some day. This post is a little look into the Kid Nurse’s life, the man I love, and the awesome surprise I received from him yesterday.

Over the course of my life, I have received some pretty amazing surprises.

When I was 6 years old, the day my little brother was born was an amazing surprise. After 3 girls, why even find out the sex of the 4th pregnancy? It would be another girl, of course. Then our family got Andrew. He was wonderful. He made our family complete.

When I was 8, there was nothing in the whole world I wanted more than an American Girl Doll. Molly, to be specific. Molly was an intellectual, like me. Plus, we both had round glasses and round faces. It was a match made in heaven. My best friend already had 2 or 3 of those darn dolls. One of them she got after having a few teeth pulled out. Oh, the injustice. I remember thinking I would willingly trade my teeth for Molly. After months of tearful pleading and lists to Santa, Christmas Day came. And just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, all the toys came and went. Everything had been unwrapped, except for my nonexistent Molly doll. I remember trying to internally console myself so I could be thankful for the nice things I did get. Maybe someday… And then magically there was one more present under the tree. Oh the overwhelming joy I had when I realized it was Molly! I proceeded to go running around the house screaming. It was a little girls dream fulfilled. I regularly wore matching outfits with that doll for the next 2 years.

Right before my 16th birthday, I was entrenched in my first semester of nursing school. Survival at all costs was the goal. I’m still somewhat certain those professors were out to kill us. Many nights regularly ended with tears of defeat only to wake up the next morning to try clinicals again (and then getting peed on accidentally by some man on the dreaded med-surg floor). It was not glamorous. But in the midst of it all, my dear mother planned a surprise Sweet 16 birthday party. That was glamorous. Oh to walk into a room filled with family and friends celebrating you! I was shocked. It was a little slice of heaven that was enough to encourage me on.

Life is Better With SurprisesWhen I was 19, I met a man. A truly wonderful man named Daniel. He was a surprise in every way. Not only did we have the same name, but he was perfect for me. I didn’t think it was possible that he even existed, but God proved otherwise. And sure enough, a year later Daniel planned a surprise engagement for me. On a night surrounded by our family and friends, Daniel sang the love song he wrote for me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Tears. So many happy, joyful tears. That night was every girl’s dream.

Last night, he did it again. You see, deep down inside, for years I have wanted a bright red convertible. I have been looking for one for a VERY LONG TIME. I am a craigslist fanatic because there isn’t anything better than getting what you want for less than you should pay for it. However, bright red convertibles don’t typically fit the craigslist bill for this. Daniel happened to find one this week and he showed me the ad. I loved it, but… It was hundreds of miles away in California. We even talked about trying to make the drive over the weekend if it was still available, but we both knew that was unlikely. Oh well. Someday. Last night after seeing patients I went back to look at the ad for the convertible on craigslist, and it was gone. My heart sank. I texted Daniel crying emoticons telling him how sad I was and how much I really wanted it. He told me it would be okay and we would try to find another one. Because of a crash on the freeway, he would be home a little late. So I got home, sat on my patio and decided to be thankful for the beautiful weather and the blooming flowers. Convertible or not, life is good.

Daniel finally got home, we had a glass of wine and finished up some work. A little while later he suggested that we should go grab some dinner. Agreeing, I grabbed my stuff and opened the garage. AND THERE IT WAS!!!! The bright red mustang convertible WITH a giant red bow on it! FOR ME!!! All of a sudden, I was the exact same little girl running around screaming with my Molly doll again! Running, screaming, jumping up and down, hugs, kisses, “how did you do this?!?!”, pure-utter surprise.

Life is Better With Surprises!

Daniel woke up early that morning, took a cab to the airport, flew to California, met the seller, bought the convertible, drove back to Arizona, called 15 different stores to find a giant red bow, went to the car wash, and walked into the house cool-as-a-cat to give me the surprise of my life.

Trust me, I’m in love with the car. But I’m far more in love with my husband. The fact that he knows my heart and was willing to drive to another state to surprise me brings me to my knees with wonder. How I ever got him I’ll never know. We’ve walked through bad surprises together (even including Daniel becoming nearly paralyzed from an accident with months of recovery), but everyone does. Life is hard, so it’s amazing to relish the good surprises, little and big. Surprise your spouse, surprise your kids. It will make memories that last forever.

So thank you for allowing me to share my joy. If you need me, I’ll be sitting in my car still shocked and amazed. I love you, Daniel.

One Incredibly Happy Girl

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