KidNurse Veteran’s Day Appreciation Card Drive For Kids

October 25, 2017

With fall fully underway, Veteran’s Day is just around the corner on Saturday, November 11th, and I am planning something fun to help kids show their appreciation for our nation’s veterans.

While most people know me as the KidNurse, you may not know that in addition to my work at KidNurse, and caring for pediatric patients, I own a senior home care business with my husband — Total Care Connections — where I also serve as the Director of Nursing and help to manage the home care of many precious seniors across the state of Arizona. Our large team of professional caregivers, CNAs and nurses help seniors with their daily living activities, so they can age safely, with dignity, in the comfort of their own homes.

Over the past two years, my husband and I have become incredibly passionate about caring for veterans. These incredible men and women have served their country faithfully, and now, whether due to medical conditions or age, they need home care brought to them. We care for well-over 150 homebound veterans in Arizona. Many of our veterans live alone with limited or no ability to leave their home. We still want their Veteran’s Day to be special, and we want them to feel celebrated and honored.

KidNurse Veteran’s Day Appreciation Card Drive For Kids

What does this have to do with KidNurse? As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I also feel incredibly passionate about teaching our children to show honor and respect to our nation’s military heroes from as young of an age as possible. So, this Veteran’s Day, I want to invite you to help me by taking part in a small, actionable act of appreciation for veterans.

KidNurse is collecting homemade thank you cards from children to send to homebound veterans for Veteran’s Day!

Veteran's Day Card Drive organized by KidNurse and Total Care Connections

Veteran’s Day Appreciation Card Drive Details

Children of all ages are invited to participate in the KidNurse Veteran’s Day Appreciation Card Drive! We want colorful cards in all shapes and sizes. Please encourage your children to be as creative as possible! Hand drawings and all types of creativity with patriotic themes are encouraged.

Please include these things in the card:

  • A short note about the artist/author, including their first name, age, and anything else your child would like to share
  • Answers to these two questions:
    • I am thankful you served our country because ___________
    • I love America because __________

(If your child is too young to write, feel free to write their responses for them.)

Your children may send in as many cards as they’d like to make! There is no limit. The more cards the better. We will hand-deliver as many cards as possible to our veterans and will mail the rest to make sure they have a special Veteran’s Day.

Mail your cards to:

Total Care Connections
1550 S. Alma School Road, Suite 275
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Deadline: Please send in cards by Tuesday, November 7th, so they can be delivered by Veteran’s Day.

Our goal is to collect at least 200 cards, so please share our card drive with anyone who may be interested in participating.

We SO appreciate you helping us to make the day special for our homebound veterans!

Author: Dani Stringer, MSN, CPNP, PMHS – founder of KidNurse and MomNurse Academy