Introducing The KidNurse Community

May 3, 2017

One of the things I most enjoy about caring for kids, is getting to know their parents and supporting them as they navigate what is arguably the most wonderful and toughest job — raising happy, healthy kids.

In the years since I launched KidNurse, it has been amazing to reach parents across the country, answering questions about everything from fevers and preventing dehydration to the importance of eye contact and how to raise readers. But as much as comments and private messages have helped me connect with my readers, I feel like we need a space to build community and get to know one another better.

Enter, the KidNurse Community Group on Facebook.

Try 3 KidNurse community graphic

I want to create a beautiful, encouraging, safe place where we can talk about all things kid-related. Health, illness, development, parenting — you name it. In the KidNurse Community, we will share our experiences, because we genuinely believe it might help others. But mostly, we will become a tribe of parents and health providers who champion each other endlessly and cheer each other on through the challenges of everyday parenthood.

This doesn’t mean the KidNurse blog is going away, I’ll still be writing here and connecting with you on social media. But this private group will give me the chance to really spend time with all of you and introduce you to some of my favorite medical professionals and friends.

If I’ve learned anything from my pediatric nursing career it’s that parenting is HARD. Raising healthy children will challenge you to your core. All parents have questions, all parents need encouragement, and all parents need community. With the right support, our families will be stronger, our children will be healthier, and we will be able to grow, not only as parents, but as people.

Want in? You can join the KidNurse Community on Facebook here!

I’m here for you. We will be here for each other. Let’s build this community together.