An online course that will educate and empower you with evidence-based resources to confidently care for your children at home during common illnesses.

if you're a mom,

You are a perfect mix of exhaustion from lack of sleep and endless worry, seasoned with a side of that grated feeling that comes from the endless on-hold music you endured to get this appointment even scheduled. 

 you’ve probably been here:

But, you’ve made it. 

You’ve wrangled your sick, darling little ones into the doors of your favorite pediatrician. You’re child’s been mysteriously sick and in this moment you.need.answers. 

A waiting room overrun with wriggling, snotty, coughing kids.  

Extra special toys lovingly “marked” by said kiddos. 

Your little darling deliriously bouncing off of the walls of the tiniest of exam rooms.

You’ll ATTEMPT to ask questions, listen intently, and walk away feeling informed & reassured about how to care for the health of your child.

We see you, Mom, and our KidNurse Team has a better way! 

But before you get them, you know what’s coming: 

Mysterious symptoms appear across the beautiful canvas of your angel baby. You jump on Google only to find horrifying, conflicting diagnoses, complete with unreliable at-home remedies. What now?  

the 'oh-no' moments

does this sound familiar?

What the heck is this?

It’s 2am, your baby wakes screaming and boiling up. You’re “working” thermometer reads an alarming 102 and fear grips you. Who do you call? 

High Fever

Between a pandemic and flu season, you were sweating bullets already but then your little one gets a runny nose. Is this a minor thing, or the worst case scenario? How do you handle this? What should you do?

Knowledge is Power

Your little one’s cough has lingered on and on and now it sounds like she might be struggling to breathe. You don’t know what to look for and you’re embarrassed you don’t know how serious this is. Should you call 911, the advice nurse, or wait it out? 

Do I call 911?

Your late night Google search over your daughter’s rash not only didn’t yield results but has rabbit-trailed you into believing that your whole family might have terminal illnesses. Which can’t be true, can it?

Is this terminal?

You long for the day that you actually feel prepared when sickness hits your home. No longer gripped with confusion and worry, you are confident, informed, and ready to do what needs to be done. 

Confusion & Worry


Here at KidNurse we are empowering moms like you through evidence-based education and connection with a rich, supportive community that empowers YOU as a mom to love like you do and think like a MomNurse when your little one experiences common childhood illnesses.

That’s the heart of the MomNurse Academy. 

No more late-night, worrisome Google searches needed. 
No more needless medical visits or astronomical bills for kiddos that don’t need it. 
Let us help you trade fear for confidence and worry for peace. 


Hey there, I'm Dani.

I‘ve been a pediatric nurse practitioner for nearly 10 years. I’m known for my dimples, my dedication to children’s health, my love of science, and for taking way too many pictures of my goldendoodle, Abby. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my career is teaching moms “practical pediatrics.” This is what I fondly think of as the art and science of taking care of sick children at home. When it comes to children, there is nothing I love more than giving moms reassurance about what’s normal, and education to handle what’s not. 

I do this in the MomNurse Academy, where we teach moms how to confidently take care of their children at home. 

As a nurse practitioner, I endured years of rushed appointments with precious moms and their sick kiddos feeling helpless to give them the comprehensive education they desired and needed. Fueled by a desire to offer more, I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating the MomNurse Academy to make sure moms never feel alone or in the dark when it comes to the health of their children. 

let me introduce myself...


After practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner for nearly a decade, I decided it was time to give moms access to the pediatric education they so desperately need, right in the comfort of their home.


 MomNurse Academy 

When I launched into creating these resources, I asked myself, 

That’s how our curriculum (and hours of education!) was born. 


“What would I teach moms about their child’s health if I had all the time that I needed?” 

“What if moms could sit down with me and learn at their own pace, when and where they needed it most?” 

I train moms the same way I was trained as a nurse: with a strong foundation of science, transparency, and a whole lot of compassion and kindness.

Are you ready to be empowered by the MomNurse Academy with evidence-based assurance?

let's dive in!


the story

what's included in

the MomNurse Academy 

4+ Hours of Video Content

Skip the long on-hold phone calls with your pediatric office, germ-filled waiting rooms, and endless Google searches. Explore and access the very education you’d get in an exam room, only better.... at your very fingertips. Through this video-driven course we will cover common childhood illnesses that cause moms the most fear and worry. The best part? You’ll discover you have what it takes to be a confident MomNurse yourself. 

48 Evidence-Based, Empowering Lessons

During each lesson, Dani will walk you through the science (you know, all of the amazing, crazy stuff that happens inside your little ones’ body when he or she gets sick), unfold the evidence-based information you need to know, and equip YOU to confidently respond and care for your littles when sickness strikes. 

Beautiful, mom-approved medical illustrations - so you can learn the scientific foundation for what is happening inside sick kiddos. 

Real life pictures and examples of what pediatric illnesses look like - so you know just what to look for. 

Charts (nurses love a good chart!), like medication dosage charts to help you quickly find the facts that you need when it matters most. 

Decision trees - to give you extra guidance and next steps for sicknesses like fevers and ear infections.  

Product guides and interactive quizzes - to make sure your toolbelt is prepped and ready.

MomNurse Toolkit 

Our lessons have comprehensive ebooks and downloads that include: 

magical kisses

We want you to give those magical kisses like a mama, but learn how to think like a MomNurse – and these evidence-based resources will give you the power to do just that.

Exclusive Course Bonus:  
The MomNurse Community 

Being a mom can be so beautiful and life changing and at times super ISOLATING. Mom, you are not alone. Need reassurance? You’ve got questions on the newest symptoms your darling has? We’re here for you! Join us in our private, nurse-led, evidence-based community to get the support, encouragement and the information you need! Reach out and stay connected. 

"I felt empowered to confidently make decisions... and knew exactly what respiratory symptoms should prompt a visit to the ER."

-Tracie Nall

My child got sick while I was working my way through the MomNurse Academy course. With everything I learned, I was able to really understand what was happening, what was going to happen next, and WHY (the science) behind her sickness. I felt empowered to confidently make decisions about my kid's fever/pain management, and knew exactly what respiratory symptoms should prompt a visit to the ER.

It was the most confident I've felt as a mom dealing with a sick kid. Unfortunately, I know this isn't the last time my kid will get sick (it happens!), but I feel really good knowing that I have access to the MomNurse Academy information to help me make informed decisions, and the MomNurse group to ask questions and get support (especially in the middle of the night).



Module Overviews

Module 1: Fever

One of the top concerns for most parents happens to be fevers. In fact, some reports have found that at least 20% of pediatric ER visits are because of fevers. Amidst the wonders of childhood, they are unavoidable. But, what if you knew exactly what was happening physiologically when your child has a fever and the best course of action to take. That’s what I’m talking about here! 

You’ll learn: 

The definition of a fever and the ranges of normal temperatures to fever temps 

What exactly happens inside your child’s body when a fever strikes 

What causes a fever and why they aren’t always a reason for alarm 

How to properly take your child’s temperature and identify what it means 

Age specific fever care 

How to treat fevers without medicine 

Evaluating if your child actually needs medication for a fever 

Understanding how fever reducing medication works

Concerning fever symptoms to watch for 

Understanding febrile seizures 

module 1: fever

Module 2: Cold 

Coming down with the common cold is an unfortunate, yet expected part of life...especially when you’re a kiddo. There are over 100 different cold viruses that can cause your little ones to sniffle and cough their way through some miserable days. As a mom, it’s key to know exactly what’s going inside your little one’s body when a cold creeps in, what normal symptoms you can expect, and any complications you should be watching for. 

You'll learn:

What happens when your child gets a cold

Normal cold symptoms (snot affects everything!) 

The typical course that a cold: how long will this last?

How to identify concerning cold symptoms 

Evidence-based care for your child with a cold right at home 

The truth about cold medications and other effective at-home remedies 

module 2: cold

Module 3: Ear Infection

Have you ever had your normally good-sleeper of a little darling all of a sudden wake multiple times in the night, sit up crying, and be mysteriously irritable? There’s a chance your child has an ear infection! 90% of children will experience at least one ear infection and 20% of children will get frequent ear infections throughout their young years. As a mama, you’ve GOT to know what to watch for, when to get help, and how to care for your child when an infection in their dainty ears comes your way. 

You’ll Learn: 

How your child’s ears work

Why children get more ear infections that adults do 

What is happening in those little ears when a child develops an infection 

What watchful waiting is and why it’s important

How to understand if your child might need antibiotics or if watchful waiting is a good option

What you need to know about treating your kids if antibiotics are necessary

The best way to prevent ear infections from the get-go

When to consider ear tubes for your little one 

module 3: ear infection

Module 4: Sinus Infection

From infancy all the way into puberty, sinuses are developing and maturing. When the sinuses stop working as they are designed to, there is a susceptibility for your child to experience a sinus infection. Though not common until after the age of 5 or 6, this infection can leave your kiddo uncomfortable and in need of treatment. As symptoms of a viral cold and bacterial sinusitis can often overlap and look similar, it’s important to be aware of those symptoms, so you can decide when to head to your pediatric office or when it’s more likely a viral cold.

You'll learn:

Reasons we have sinuses and their role in your child’s body

How sinuses develop and take shape throughout childhood at varying rates 

What’s happening inside a child’s sinuses when an infection takes place 

Distinguishing between a viral cold and bacterial sinusitis 

The three different ways that bacterial sinus infections manifest in children 

module 4: sinuses

Module 5: Eye

From the first moment you hold your sweet angel baby you know you can’t stop peering into those twinkling, beautiful eyes. This is the moment you waited 9 months to experience. You are looking into the eyes of YOUR baby. It’s pure magic. Those baby blues, rich hazel eyes, or (fill in your cutie’s eye color here) are sparkly and entrancing and also worth protecting. Children’s eyes are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections that can not only cause irritation and discomfort, but might require further treatment. Find out how to know what you’re looking at when symptoms appear and what to do next. 

You'll Learn:

Common causes for pink eye 

The difference between a viral and bacterial pink eye 

When pink eye needs antibiotics 

At-home care for your child with pink eye

About eye drops and how to use them 

When your child with pink eye can return to his or her regular scheduled activities 

About blocked tear ducts and how that is different than pink eye

Eye symptoms that warrant a trip to your pediatric provider

module 5: eye

Module 6: Respiratory Distress 

Identifying if your child is in respiratory distress or more simply put, having trouble breathing, is vital to their health and safety. Sometimes it can be hard to know if your sweetie’s cough and breathing just sounds wretched or if his or her symptoms now are affecting his ability to get air in and out of his maturing lungs. Understanding and implementing the wisdom found in this module is key to avoiding life-threatening events and getting the emergency help your child needs right away. Be equipped to understand what respiratory distress is and exactly what it looks like too. You don’t want to miss this stuff! It could save a little life. 

You'll learn:

Early detection of respiratory distress - know exactly what it looks like 

How to count your little one’s respiratory rate and what’s normal 

An understanding of pulse oximetry and ways you can monitor it at home if needed 

Learn the anatomy of the lungs and what’s normal 

All you need to know about wheezing and how to identify it 

module 6: respiratory distress 

What grunting is, how it sounds, and what you should do about it 

The sounds of stridor, what is happening in the lungs when you hear it, and what to do 

How to identify retractions, why it’s happening, and what to do immediately 

The progression of respiratory distress - from normal breathing to alarming symptoms 

Module 7: Dehydration

Water is essential for life and having the right amount of water inside impacts every single system within the body. Though it’s always important for kids to be drinking plenty of water on the daily, there are circumstances where extra fluid intake is a must. All of the natural, normal physiological responses that happen inside your little darling’s body to fight off infection can put them at risk for dehydration. As mamas we need to be on the lookout for signs of dehydration, identify potential risk factors, and above all push.those.fluids. 

You'll Learn:

Why proper fluid intake for kids is vital for their growing bodies 

Risk factors that impact dehydration 

How to identify the tell tale signs of dehydration at home 

To decide if your child is dehydrated based on concerning symptoms 

Where to go for care when your child is identified as dehydrated 

Age appropriate tips for at-home dehydration prevention 

How to track your child’s intake and output when sickness hits 

module 7: dehydration

"More than once I have turned to KidNurse for information regarding my children’s health and have felt more confident in caring for my kids because of the advice and knowledge Dani has given us!"



to feel equipped and confident to care for your sick children with know-how and real confidence.

Extraordinary Mom,

It’s finally time for you,


You love your child’s pediatrician and we’re sure glad that you do! 

My guess is, however, that you don’t like waiting on-hold trying to get some much-needed advice or trying to schedule an appointment that ISN’T during nap time. Sometimes you need answers and support and it’s tricky to track it all down when your little one falls sick. We obviously aren’t here to replace your awesome pediatric provider (I mean who else would look for Elmo in your kiddo’s ear?). But we ARE here to train YOU to watch for important symptoms, treat at-home when you can, and think like a MomNurse with sound pediatric education at your service.

I’ve created these resources for you, Mom, to exchange worry and fear with the amazing gift of peace of mind. 

That’s why I’m offering 4+ hours worth of science-based pediatric content - so you know just what to do for your littles when it matters most. Our MomNurse Toolkit is full of resources you can refer to at any time which includes those late night wake-up calls. We’re not your pediatrician, but we are an incredible frontline defense to help you get through common pediatric health concerns that’ll most likely come your way. 




4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 

4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 



know exactly how to care for your little ones during common illnesses

Join the MomNurse Academy

48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 



Four payments of 

twelve payments of

4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 





48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 

We are committed to making the MomNurse Academy accessible to moms everywhere. If you’re committed to learning and growing alongside your little kiddos, we want to cheer you on and support you along the way. 

A: When you register for the MomNurse Academy, look for your confirmation email that will prompt you to create an account. Then you get instant access to 48 video lessons and comprehensive ebooks waiting for you to watch and read in the comfort of your home! 

Q. How is the course delivered?

A: I want every mom to be able to become a MomNurse and that’s why we are offering a payment plan. If you sign up this way, you get access to all of our materials immediately, so they are at your fingertips when you need them most.

Q. How does the payment plan work? Do I get access to everything or how does it work?

A: Yep, you get lifetime access to all the current content in the academy! I want you to be able to learn from it now and also reference it as many times as you need to, whenever your little ones aren’t feeling well. Just picture me and my dimples at the ready, whatever comes your way in Sick-Kid Land. 

Q. Do I get lifetime access? 

A: I’m so sorry you’ve had negative experiences. This course is birthed from my nearly 10 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner, the countless conversations I’ve had with real moms, and my interaction within my free private Facebook group, the KidNurse Community. I have poured my heart and soul into these resources to create a step-by-step solution so you don’t have to second guess yourself when it comes to your child’s health. This roadmap will help you navigate the most common pediatric illnesses that tend to cause worry and fear; like fevers, colds, ear infections, respiratory distress, and more. I’m giving you the behind-the-scenes look at pediatric resources that you’d only get if your little was seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner - at a fraction of the price. Plus, if you’ve enjoyed the resources all over our blog or loved my free masterclass - you already know my teaching style and commitment to show up. 

Q. I’ve taken other courses that didn’t work for me- how do I know this is different?

A: The MomNurse Academy is for anyone who takes care of little ones when they’re sick! Moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, nannys, childcare workers, and any one else wiping noses and drying tears. We named it the MomNurse Academy because our heart beats for empowering moms as they are often on the frontlines taking care of sick children. If you’re not a mom but are in the role of caregiver for some precious kiddos, this course is for YOU too. We’d love to have you join us. 

Q. Is the MomNurse Academy just for moms?  

A: Our passion has always been focused on promoting and teaching moms evidence-based pediatric health information. All science, no woo. We have made every possible effort to keep our MomNurse Academy content consistent with current pediatric research and the most recent information from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Q. What resources were used to create the MomNurse Academy?

A: Truly valid question, here’s the deal: Without these resources, you’d spend hundreds of dollars going to doctors (sometimes unnecessarily) not to mention the emotional stress that ensues when you lug your littles into a room full of other sleep-deprived, worried parents totting their snotty, coughing, cranky kiddos. Investing now not only saves you stress but releases you to care for your kids at home with an educated approach. When it’s time to get help, you’ll know how to assess symptoms and trust your pediatrician to take it from there. Gaining confidence and resources on hand when it comes to your children’s healthcare is truly a priceless thing! 

Q. I’m scared about the investment- how do I know it’s worth it? 

we've got answers.

you’ve got questions

MomNurse Academy and all of the resources and connections that come along with it represent my very heartbeat.

I have spent nearly a decade learning and growing as a pediatric nurse practitioner so I could give you, Mom, more than just a 10 minute overview in a tiny exam room while your baby cries on. I want to take the evidence-based goodness I’ve gathered to you, where and when you need it.

 I believe these resources are for every mom, everywhere, and I’m proud to stand behind them. 

The MomNurse Academy will show up and empower YOU in meaningful ways that make a difference for your child's health.

but I CAN give you science-based information readily available so you can better identify what all of her little symptoms might mean. 

I can’t see your beautiful little babe in person, 

But I CAN equip you with charts and decision trees so you can make educated, confident decisions for the sake of your little one’s health. 

You can’t call me in the middle of the night,  

But I CAN address your fears and worries and send you in the right direction.

I can’t be there to give you medicine, 

But I CAN fill you in on what is normal and what isn’t by teaching you how your child’s beautiful body works. 

 I can’t know everything you and your little one are experiencing, 




4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 

4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 



know exactly how to care for your little ones during common illnesses

Join the MomNurse Academy

48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 



Four payments of 

twelve payments of

4+ Hours of Video Courses with Dani 





48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

48 Evidence-based, Empowering 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

Pediatric Health Lessons 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 

MomNurse Toolkit - with in-depth ebooks & interactive tools 

You can carry on with late-night, confusing searches of WebMd, Google, and endless forums that lead you into scary rabbit holes of possible diagnoses. You can feel helpless, alone, and unsure of what to do. 

sweet mom

Sweet Mom, Next time your little one gets sick…


You can join me in MomNurse Academy. You can find informed, science-based information that gives you confidence to learn how your little one’s body works and all the steps you can take to care for her back to health. 

You can become an empowered MomNurse today.